How to make Robotic Process Automation (RPA) implementation successful?

Robotic Process Automation ( RPA ) promises to transform the cost, efficiency and quality of executing many of the back office and customerfacing processes that businesses rely on people to perform.

Getting RPA projects implementation right is difficult. So here are the key recommendations that Digital Arc always addresses to deliver on the promise of RPA.

  • Starting small and measuring ROI.
  • Considering RPA as business led, as opposed to IT led.
  • Not underestimating the efforts on what happens after processes have been automated.
  • Automating too much of a process or not optimizing for RPA.
  • Keeping IT infrastructure and Security in mind.
  • Using the correct delivery methodology.
  • Not assuming that skills needed to create a PoC are good enough for production automations.
  • Thinking long term solutions including Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) & Cognitive Process Automations (CPA).

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Our RPA Services Our RPA Solutions

Our RPA Services

Any technology that can reduce the costs of existing manual operations by 25% to 40% or more without changing existing systems, yet improve service and generate return on investment (ROI) in less than a year, can truly be described as transformational and disruptive. That’s exciting but RPA is not without its challenges.

In order to best gain buy-in to RPA by senior stakeholders, we recommend that an RPA portfolio balances cost reduction with other value drivers such as service improvement, transformative services, improved regulatory response and growth. Digital Arc can help you wherever you are on your RPA journey.

RPA Consultation

During this assessment, our experts will examine your current business challenges and help you build a tailored RPA strategy that best suits your business requirements.

  • Education on RPA technologies
  • Evaluate your current business challenges
  • Business readiness assessment
  • RPA roadmap and transformation strategy
  • Workforce impact & ROI analysis
  • Next generation automation strategy
RPA Implementation

We help companies to develop an RPA implementation strategy and make them understand what it takes to successfully launch an RPA solution.

  • RPA Pilot Program
  • RPA platform implementation and configuration
  • Business process automation development
  • Security and access management
  • Full-scale roll-out & Production monitoring
  • User adoption & training
Go Beyond RPA

Evolve beyond conventional rule-based automation.We help organizations to integrate technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence with RPA to transform the entire business ecosystem.

  • Intelligent Automation with basic ML
  • Automatic processing of unstrcutured data
  • Analytics driven operations automation
  • Cognitive Automation with ML & NLP
  • Pattern analysis and insights
  • Predictive and Prescriptive AI models

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Our RPA Solutions

Digital Arc has implemented customized solution frameworks to enable our clients to be successful in their RPA journey.

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